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Are your drains running slow? Do you find yourself standing in an inch or two of water every time you take a shower? If so, it's time to clean out those drain lines. This is something that you can usually do on your own as long as you follow a few simple rules. 

First, never use a liquid drain cleaner. These cleaners contain chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and potentially dangerous to your family. If you have to wear rubber gloves to pour it down the drain, it's not a good choice.

Second, you must determine if you are having a problem with a single drain or the entire drain system. If only one drain seems to be backing up or fully clogged, using a hand crank drain snake should be all you need. If all of the drains in your home are running slow, that's a sign that your main line is clogged and you should call in the professionals at our Desoto plumbing service to handle it.

Let's assume you only have one backed up drain. Here is a step by step guide to clearing a drain clog no matter where it is.

Clearing a Toilet Drain

Toilet after a drain cleaning by a plumber in Desoto

The first step in clearing a toilet clog is to use a plunger. By inserting the plunger with the head directly over the toilet drain and thrusting downward two to three times you create a pressure change in the line that pushes and pulls the water around the clog materials. This is often enough to loosen the clog and send it on its way. If the plunger doesn't work, a drain snake can be used. Simply feed the snake into the drain until it reaches the clog. Turn the snake handle in a clockwise direction to grind it into the clog. This will simultaneously tear up the clog and push it down the drain line. If you are unable to clear the clog with the help of the snake, call in our professional Desoto plumbers.

Clearing a Sink Drain

bathroom sink after a drain cleaning

While you might be tempted to use a plunger on the sink, most sinks have an air intake near the top to prevent overflow and allow air to be release when water is draining. A plunger will not be able to create suction on these drains so clearing the J trap or snaking are the only methods of cleaning them. Disconnect the J trap and clear it out. While this isn't usually where a clog is located, having the J-trap off will allow the snake better access to the pipe behind the wall. Next, remove the drain stopper be releasing the stopper control arm beneath the sink and pulling the stopper up and out. Often the cause of the clog is hair caught up on the stopper itself. Finally, snake the drain if you didn't find the cause in the trap or stopper.

Clearing a Bathtub or Floor Drain

Bathtubs and floor drains are a bit different. They usually have a 90 degree turn just below the drain to prevent backflow. After removing the drain cover, feed the drain snake into the line while turning it clockwise. This will help the snake pass the 90 degree turn.  

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If you've tried everything in your arsenal to clear that stubborn clog, but it's still there, call our Desoto plumbing team. We can have a dedicated drain cleaning professional on the road in record time to take out your worst drain clogs.