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Water heaters fail. The key is to not be surprised when they do. There are several little things that usually happen just before a hot water heater stops producing useable hot water. Our Desoto water heater repair team can help you determine what the problems with your unit are. We'll also help you determine whether it will be more cost effective to repair it than have it replaced.

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Thermostats often are the culprit in water heater issues. If you don't have consistent hot water or any hot water at all, often this is the case. A thermostat replacement is one of the cheapest and easiest fixes you can hope for. If it isn't the thermostat, you may have a problem with your electric heater element or your gas pilot or flow valve. We can check for these problems quickly and have them replaced almost as fast.

Rusty Water:

Traditional storage tank water heaters have a sacrificial anode rod that is meant to oxidize and prevent the interior of the steel tank from rusting. If your water is running orange and brown, the anode probably needs to be replaced. The longer you wait on this repair, the more likely it is that your tank will rust all the way through and cause major flooding in your water closet or garage.


Leaks are almost as common as thermostat issues. A slow leak might be the result of the water intake valve being loosing from repeated pressure changes in the system. It may also be broken or corroded. A leak could also occur from the body of the tank. In this case, the interior lining is probably rusted through and the entire tank will need to be replaced. Rusty water will probably be a symptom that was ignored prior to this type of leak.

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Bad Smell:

A sediment problem can be to blame if there is a rotten egg smell whenever you turn on a faucet. The sediment in the base of the tank combines with loose hydrogen and allows bacteria to grow. A full tank flush is about the only way to handle this problem. If the flush doesn't work a Desoto water heater repair tech could try a peroxide treatment to remove the bacteria.

Popping Sounds:

Popping or banging sounds from the storage tank may mean a sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. This sediment heats up instead of the water causing a superheating effect. The water that touches the sediment immediately boils causing a popping sound. Larger piece of sediment may be projected into the side of the tank causing the banging sound.

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