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We offer about as many services as there are flavor choices at Buffalo Wild Wings. This means that if your faucets are dripping cash down your slow running drains or your water heater throws you a cold blast about 5 minutes into your shower - our Desoto plumbers are exactly the people you need to talk to. Not only can we fix the problems you're having with your current plumbing system, we can suggest ways to lower your water bill through modified usage and making low cost amendments to what you already own. Some of our customers see savings of over 25% just from making a few small changes that have no noticeable effect on their daily lives.  

Our list of services is extensive, but if you don't see what you are looking for, call one of our Desoto plumbers today to discuss your particular problem. We've seen almost everything imaginable, and even if we haven't seen your particular problem yet, we'll stake our reputation on being able to put it right.

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Comprehensive Desoto Plumbing Service List

  • conventional water heater repair
  • tankless water heater installation
  • sewer line replacement and repair
  • drain line clearing/clean outs
  • gas lines
  • gas leaks
  • emergency shutoff valves
  • home inspections
  • water softeners
  • water purifiers
  • video inspections

Our Desoto Plumbers Do New Construction Installation
  • re-pipes
  • water main lines
  • toilets
  • reverse osmosis
  • water heater pressure release valves
  • code inspections/retrofits
  • pressure regulators
  • shower valve/bathtub repairs and installations
  • dishwasher installation and air gaps
  • pipe insulation
  • garbage disposals
  • faucet installation and repair

Our Desoto Plumbers Install Garbage Disposals

  • water heater testing
  • water purity testing
  • die testing toilets
  • leak repair
  • insta hots
  • slab leak detection and repair
  • remodels
  • ice maker lines
  • backflow prevention testing, maintenance, and repair
  • recirculation pumps
  • point of use water heaters
  • preventative maintenance

Our Desoto Plumbers Do Residential Toilet Repair

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Our plumbers add new services to their offerings faster than our website can keep up. If you don't see the plumbing-related service that you need, or if you have any questions about a service you do see, give us a call. Our Desoto TX plumbing staff will be happy to educate you.